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epoc® Blood Analysis

The epoc blood analysis system integrates seamlessly into a patient’s care workflow. Whether this takes place in the community or within acute hospital care, epoc delivers real-time patient test results to healthcare professionals at the point of patient care.

Respiratory healthcare professionals who need to monitor patients with COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) will find epoc invaluable as they seek to implement new guidelines that encourage greater community management of such a complex long term medical condition.

Capillary blood gases (CBG) are an essential tool in assessment and management of many COPD patients and are suggested as part of the oxygen assessment. epoc makes this so much easier to perform accurately and facilitates effective ‘hospital at home’ care. 

epoc is a handheld, wireless, point of care blood analyser delivering lab quality multi-parameter results. Epoc is the first and only wireless ‘near patient’ testing solution to use smart card technology. Once fresh blood is passed across biosensors on the epoc test card, results are sent to the hand held mobile computer in just 30 seconds. The quality of test results from the epoc system are  equal to or better than the results generated by traditional blood gas or chemistry analysers run in a laboratory.

  • Quality results support immediate treatment decisions enabling a reduction in referrals & admissions.
  • Blood gases are a more accurate method of assessment compared to saturations (from pulse oximetry).
  • Patient’ condition better controlled – fewer exacerbations and call outs.
  • Epoc enhances the patient experience, more convenient and less invasive.
  • Reduces levels of inappropriate prescribing for patients on short burst oxygen therapy (SBOT).
  • Allows follow up of patients at home who are prescribed long term oxygen therapy (LTOT).



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Cat No Description Pack Size Enquire
HR1002 EPOC Reader (Inc. Power Supply) 1 Enquire about this Product
HH0003 EPOC Host Mobile Computer 1 Enquire about this Product
HP0005 Mobile Printer, Thermal, Bluetooth (Inc. 1 Printer Roll) 1 Enquire about this Product
CT1002 EPOC BGEM Test Cards (pH, pCO2, pO2, Na+, K+, Ca++, Hct, Glu) 50 Enquire about this Product
AT00006 EPOC Care-Fill Capillary Tubes (90ÁL) (Mylar-wrapped) 50 Enquire about this Product
AP0002E Paper, Thermal Printer 1 Enquire about this Product
AH0001 EPOC Host Stylus (Socket SOMO) Enquire about this Product
CC0004 Mission Diagnostics HCT LVL A (Level A, 30 ampoules x 2 mL) 30 x 2 mL Enquire about this Product
CC0005 Mission Diagnostics HCT LVL B (Level B, 30 ampoules x 2 mL) 30 x 2 mL Enquire about this Product
CC0007 Eurotrol BGEM Level 1 Control (Level 1, 12 ampoules x 2.5 mL) 12x2.5 mL Enquire about this Product
CC0009 Eurotrol BGEM Level 3 control (Level 3, 12 ampoules x 2.5 mL) 12x2.5 mL Enquire about this Product